December 09, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

For so long I've been saddy-saddy about things I want but don't have... Why not take a look at what I still have, and will always have no matter what. Let me make a list of the little things I'm really grateful for:

1. I'm a very very intelligent guy. This is a fact. My marksheets would say I'm just an average student. Who cares! I know who I am. And wouldn't matter if the whole world stops believing in me. For, I know I'm very intelligent. Thanks a lot, our Father in Heaven, for bestowing me with this precious gift of superb intellect.
2. I've a perfect health. I'm not into any addiction such as smoking, drinking, tobacco. My habits are all healthy. I don't eat junk food. I never fall sick. Don't remember the last time I did. And now I even bathe daily 
3. I'm very handsome  Sorry, couldn't help mentioning it!
4. I've a tremendous overconfidence in my abilities. Yeah, overconfidence.
5. I've made great friends in school, who are like a part of me (like liver, kidney, heart and soul). I love them and they love me.
6. I know, "When all is lost, future still remains." No matter how bad things might turn out, I'll always have the current moment to make a new start. World is full of opportunities  
7. I've got my integrity alrite. I hold myself in great esteem. I'm one of the most truthful, honest and genuine persons you'll ever come across. Whatever is in the heart, is on my lips. There's no conceit, no deception, no disguise. I'm what I am. And I'm mighty proud of myself. I love me.
8. Oh yeah, I'm extremely thankful for being introduced to The Secret, and then to The Secret community on Orkut, where I've found sooo many friends who're always just soooo willing to help, wholeheartedly. I'm so glad that I've been inducted to this world of New Age Thought, oh I'm gonna explore this world and be a master practician of it. Thanks a lot to you all. And I mean it!

Other silly things I just love about myself:
9. My bike: Bajaj Discover 125 cc DTS-i. Hehe.. I had done six accidents within first 40 days of buying the bike. I just love my bike, with all the stickers that I've pasted. My first bike! On this bike I learnt how to drive. I didn't know properly how to drive but I still durst take it to college, on winding Mussoorie road. And despite doing accidents on first two days, I still had the guts to take it to college, all alone. Haha.. And now I'm a champion driver, my friends, expert drivers are scared of riding the pillion, cuz I take just soooo many cuts, drive break-free, haha... I'm a great rider. I love my bike. Can't wait to get back on it again. When I come back to IIJNM, I'll bring it with me. Can't live without it.
10. I know how to play guitar: Haha, people here at IIJNM would strongly oppose  that. I don't blame them. I've been terrible the both time I played it here. Well, I know I'm not that bad either at guitar or singing. I've given a wonderful performance in my college, the instrumental piece, I'm so proud of myself that I did it so perfectly, and even drew applause from the crowd. And I know there's a great singer in me, who just needs a hell lot of practice. Hey you, the rock star in Hemant Gairola, don't worry man, I'll start grooming you in these vacations. You are priceless, baby!
11. I've had a great school and college: I can write volumes on how much I love my KV and cherish the days I've spent there. Oh yeah, I'll do that. But for time being, I'd just say, I luvvvvvv my school like anything. My school was my first home, that is where I made friends who are like my liver-kidney. Oh, I love it. And yeah, my college, IMS Dehradun. While in the college, I never thought I'd miss that place, leave alone loving it. But now that the college is over, I realise just how much I loved it. No, I didn't exactly love my college. I hate the administration (those people suck). But I love my friends over there, the whole laidback atmosphere and..... And the multitude of beautiful girls we had there. Ohhhhh, yeah baby! Girls of IMS!! Oh my crushes. No, it's nostalgic. I'd stop here.
12. The music collection I've got: Right now listening to "18 Till I Die" by you-know-who (Don't you dare ask whose song is that!)  I've sooo many wonderful songs, I'm just so lucky that I've such a fine taste for music. I've a good sense of music, yaar.
13. My five senses: Why do we take these thigns for granted, things such as our five senses? There are many out there who don't know how's it like to listen to the raspy voice of BA. There are many who don't have sight, they can't look and admire these pretty girls. People who're burnt, or so weak that they can't have the pleasure of punching their friend in the gut. There are millions in the world who don't know what it is like to eat (read wolf down) a hot Cheese Burst Pizza from Domino's, because they can't afford it. There are people who live and die in stinky places. And I've had the leisure and pleasure of walking behind girls with Rohit Massey (daredevil) and try to find out which shampoo that girl had used, and then even say it loudly! Oh, I've had a hell lot of fun.
14. I'm extremely grateful for having people who trust in me and have high expectations from me. Feels so good when they show faith in me. It's like, what do I say, how do I describe  this feeling.. Just feels wondeful.
15. Oh yeah, this is not a small thing. I'm really thankful to that supreme power for guiding me well. I know how fortunate I consider myself to be here at IIJNM, under the guidance of such terrific faculty. I didn't have any hope that I'd be selected. Had it not been for the extended deadline, I'd have missed this place. When I called, I was denied admission first. Later on I got a call at 9:30 pm, telling me I had been selected. Circumstances took weird turns to bring me where I should be. And it's such a great place! I've so much to write about this place, I have to write a separate blog post. But I'm very grateful to be here, in this elite institute.
16. Yup! Not only in school and college, here also I've made some pretty good friends. I just love these people, they are so simple, sweet, funny and down to earth. I'm really lucky to have such people as my friends :-)
17. Oh yeah, I love my computer also. I'm not talking about the computer allotted me to here at IIJNM, but the one at my home, the asssembled one. Can't wait to get my hands back on it and play songs on full volume on that 5.1 surround sound system.
18. I love my billi. Hehe.. Funny, that it's been more than a year since she's become a part of our family but we still call her only billi :-D And I love my Seeju. My deceased dog, Caeser. He was the first soul I was in love with. I love Seeju, miss you, yaar... Love you lots. Why don't you take reincarnation and come back to me, haan? Just love your "whooooooo". Na! I gotta write a separate entry for you too, Seeju. I love you too much. Miss you...

Hehe.. seems like this list is not going to end. I can go and on. Would love to, but I gotta get back to hostel now. I'm mighty proud of myself.

Ok, I'm in writing mood. I'll go and come back later. Thanks for everything and more!!

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom that springs from the soul.” — Henry Ward Beecher

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Deepanjali Rao said...

Loveddddd reading this :)) It feels like we've conversed... Brilliant!!!!!