December 07, 2008

I can still feel :-)

Woooo! Yeah, I can still feel. I can't believe it, but I can "still" feel those feelings. I'm not emotionless! For the first time in six months saw the video of that song (I Will Always Return) from my favourite movie (Spirit —The Stallion of the Cimmaron), and guess what! It felt the same way when I saw it first time, it sparked the same emotions, the emotions of joy (of having such wonderful friends), bit of sorrow (for they aren't with me right now), of envy (for, in this song Spirit reunites with his friends, and I'm longing to meet my friends).

As I'm writing this, I'm listening to the wonderful song (Brothers Under The Sun) from the same movie. I'm a jerk. Why did I keep myself from listening to these wonderful songs, which were once my life! Maybe because I was cautious that over-exposure to these songs would take their sheen away, so I purposely kept away from them.

Wow! Feels wonderful to listen to this inspiring lyrics in BA's voice.
"Why did it all go wrong,
I wanna know what's going on"
Wonderful songs. I love BA. BA is for Bryan Adams, in case you didn't know :-)

And here starts playing the most wonderful instrumental piece I've ever listened: The Long Road Back.

Feels wonderful. Well, feels wonderful to be able to "feel." Small things in life that we should be grateful for :-)

I'm not numb, I'm not feelingless, I'm not defeated (maybe lost, but not defeated). I'm hopeful. I'm seeing the silver lining. Life is wonderful, full of opportunities.

Oh, the senti in me is waking up, hehe... But I must rather awaken the hupsy in me. Been a couple of days since I last ate all four meals of a day. Today they must have made poori-chhole. Wow! I just love it.

Well, first I must go and fill my stomach! Have got a very important (I guess most important post) to write within a week.

Ok, going to eat! And I just love this instrumental piece, a medley of all the songs in the movie. I was an idiot to stay away from my life for so long. Will write upon it in the next post. Bye for now!

“I will always return...” — BA in the song with the same title

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