January 30, 2009

Feeling too much love...

Oh, life is beautiful! More so when you can see love all around. It's so good to listen to your friends talk all day about their beloved. You'd know just how beautiful it is, the whole feeling, when your dear friends talk about their love... And when they start talking, they just don't stop! My God, this non-stop chatter...

Hmm.. Oh damn! Why am I getting excited now! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... I too want to be in love. I want to love, and to be loved. 

I know God has made a soulmate for me; she must be doing something, somewhere in the world... Hmm... I only wish I knew her. Nah... I wish we knew each other.

Hmm... Whoever you are, lucky girl, I just want to say, umm... I love you. Aaaawwww... I haven't met you yet, still I'm feeling so much peace just by confessing my love to you.

Wait! I find it weird myself, loving a girl I don't have any clue about..!! Haha... Well, never mind. I'm weird, with all my philosophy. Yeah, I just wish I get to meet you pretty soon, my dreamgirl, and we click in the first instance. What I want, is romaaaaaaaaaaance. God knows, I'm a very romantic person, in my own cute and sweet ways. Haha... Yeah I dare say I'm very cute and sweet. No hesitation in accepting. And well, like I wrote in my last entry, I'm way tooooooo much loving and caring.

HEY! (I'm not shouting, I'm calling out to you, my dreamgirl.) Enough, I want to meet you right now. I'm 21 now and want somebody to love. I want someone to laugh and cry with, in whom I can confide like no other, my ultimate comforter... Hey dreamgirl, where are you? I want to meet you asap, and I want us to fall in love at first sight. And then I want our love story to begin. Our love story, it's gonna be like a fairytale. No struggle, no hardship, no resistance... Just love, waaaayyyy too much love.

Hmm... I wonder, how'd be a relationship without any fights? Do I want us to fight? Umm... I don't really think so, I'm not sure. I... I can't decide upon this. Don't worry dear, I'd tell you about all my crushes and loves, half-loves, pakka! And there are many, to be frank ;-) Hmm... Let's count. My crushes are countless, seriously dear I can't give you the true count. As for my love interest, seriously speaking, I'd say, umm... Was the first one love or infatuation? Second one was definitely love, true love. And this third one is. love-turned heartache.

Well, it's really silly right now, writing a letter to someone I don't know. But for sure, someday you're going to come into my life and you'll go through this post. No, it's really silly. Hmm... Or could it be the other way round? That you'd visit my blog, see this post, then you'd come into my life?? Well, it could be.

Hmm... What if You are someone I already know right now? If we have to be one later in life, why not now? ;-) No, seriously. Enough of sharing my joy and sorrows with myself. Yeah, I was in love with Bharti, and it was a wonderful feeling. Though she never said we're a couple, she gave me all that I could have asked of my girl.

Ah... Well, honey... I'd have loved to talk to you, but gotta do some work.

Oh work I will. Who you are, yaar? Do I know you? It'd be great if I could just know who you are, then I'd observe how our relationship is right now. Haha... I've some tentative names in mind, whom I've, at one point of time, wanted to be my life partner. Won't write them down here...

Ohhh..... Just got to watch the video of "Blue Night," the wonderful song by MLTR. Wonderful song. Just how much in love with it I was when I was in love for the first time. That was in class 12th. Then, in Balco, my bed was next to window and I always used to fall asleep while looking at the starry sky through leaves of the tree outside, and that song was always there in the playlist... On one particular night as I was listening to this song I was thinking that maybe I'm not going to get this opportunity again, to be in Balco like this... Well that was true. Those days are gone but the memory is afresh... Ah, I love my Balco.

Like I said, I'm feeling too much love. Hey, my dreamgirl, I hope we get to meet soon. Um, did I just say it for the third time? Hehe... Never mind. I'm just too anxious to feel loved again. You know, for about a week now I've been thinking of writing an article about love. Have collected some wonderful quotes about it. Hmm... I'll write about it, probably this week.

Hmm... Ok, this thing shouldn't stretch too long. I know I'm excited right now, and when I'm so, I can just go on and on. Hey, dreamgirl, you know you're going to listen to all of my nonsense and actually you're going to love it too! And you know what, I love you too! Hehe... Feeling a bit shy, but yeah I love you. Thanks...

Haha... Om Shanti Om ka woh dialogue yaad aa gaya.... "Aye, tum bore to nahi ho rahi na? Thanks.." How sweet, yaar... 

Ok ok... Control yourself, Hemant Gairola. Get back to work. You've got quite some work to do. Two monthly assignments to complete in two days, resumes (50-odd pages), animation assignment..

"Love me for a reason, let the reason be love." — Boyzone in Love Me For A Reason

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