January 23, 2009

Who am I :-)

Of course, it's my blog, so I'll write what I please. I was just reading some text on Law of Attraction and right now felt like writing a blog entry about who I think I am. That is to say, about who I am, for we are what we think. Isn't it!

I'm completely mad. Yes. I'm very very different from others. How and in what ways, I don't feel like explaining. How do we describe the unpredictable! If you just happen to talk to me freely for a while, you'd know. I love doing crazy stuff, sometimes intentionally, sometimes it happens naturally. I dare admit, I like getting people's attention. But then, who doesn't like getting noticed and admired! (If you're saying I don't, then either you already get noticed and don't realise the need, or you're lying.) It's alrite, it's human nature. Be proud of your need for recognition. Pursue it without guilt, then you'd do it better. (Hemant, The Wisdom Man,  talking.)

Yeah, I'm done with saying I'm completely crazy. What next? Umm... Yeah!

I'm a rebel. More often that not, I don't like flowing with the current. I like to do things differently. I won't do what everyone is doing. I'll do that what no one is doing. I'll do that what is called unconventional, or unwise, or out of wits. I always work only as per my will. I have never done something only because I had to. I choose what I'll do. I don't like something, I won't do it. Consequences, devil may care. I've always had my own way, and I'll live like this only.

Yeah, there have been some not-so-good experiences in life. But I have no regrets. No. There's just one incident, when I was in 12th and that thing happened. I just wish that thing hadn't happened, otherwise, I don't regret anything. Ha! I don't remember if there's anything worth regretting.

Here, I'd like to thank her (my classmate in school and almost my lover) who healed all my pain and sorrows I always used to crib about. Prior to falling in love with her, I had, like, a million grievances with life. She gave a sympathetic ear to me and listened to me with great care and love. She helped me overcome those silly things. Thank you, girl, I love you.

Ok, now something I'm very very proud of—my character. I'm a gem of a person, truly, in every sense. I don't smoke, drink, use abusive language, think or speak ill of others, hate or hold grudges against anyone. I'm very very helpful. I've always kept others first, then myself. My work can wait, my friends' can't. This is how I've been. And this is how I'd like to be. I forgive even those who hurt me. What can you get by keeping ill feelings towards someone in your heart! It ain't going to affect that person even an iota, it's you who's nurturing that bad vibe within you. It's silly, feelings of revenge and all that.

I'm very understanding, caring and loving. I wish I knew the superlative of the highest degree to describe just how caring and loving I am. She knows. My sis from my college knows. My friends know. I know. I'm such a loving person. Given that I like you, and you reciprocate that liking, you and I get to talk out of mutual interest, chances are that you're getting into the list of my close friends, for whom I can do anything and everything. I really can do anything and everything for my friends. The whole life is dedicated to friends.

I'm a very positive person, as of late. In the fall of past year, I got to change a couple of things within me. And it was crucial! The whole process was terrible, but was worth the end result. I'm glad that pain came. Now I'm positive in true sense.

Yeah, I'm a person with very high sense of values and ethics and morals. There are certain dos and don'ts I have for myself, and they are the clear limits I'm always going to stick to. You can bet I'm a person with high ethics, you can never find me cheating someone or at crucial juncture. That doesn't mean I cheat where it doesn't count. Yeah, I admit I managed to pass the last of my school years solely on basis of cheating. But it's a matter of past. I won't keep your money with me, even if you forget. I'll make sure that you're never at a loss if you deal with me, no matter how much loss I have to bear. With me, you can be assured of fairness. I'm very very honest.

I'm a perfectionist and idealist. Anything less than that is not my cup of tea. I have an all-or-nothing approach. It's self-explanatory.

Here, I'd like to mention I'm highly spiritual. Have read just so much about law of attraction and spirituality, I know and understand most things about life that many people don't. That's why I'm so relaxed. Sit and talk with me, if we manage to strike a conversation, I can load you with my philosophy.

Hmmm... I'm pretty impuslive too. I act purely on instincts. If there's a gut feeling, most probably I'll follow it. Without second guess, I act.

And I'm a very very fun-loving person. What's life without fun! Fun, joy, happiness, madness, craziness is something without which life is like a rasgulla minus ras. I like having hell lot of fun. Wooo..!! As I've said earlier, I'm completley completely mad, and love being this way.

And I'm proud to say that I've been brought up in the small town of Balco in Chhattisgarh. I call myself a Chhattisgarhi. I'm proud of where I belong. I'm a dehaati. Now it's a completely different thing that I'm a very smart dehaati, but a dehaati nevertheless. I don't want to pretend being something that I'm not. I'm me, I love myself this way. And for you, the message is clear, love me or leave me.

Hmm... I guess I'm smitten nowadays (again), so here I just want to write about how damn good I'm, but I'd rather let... Oh, leave it. Ending here.. Chao!

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