November 07, 2010

Just friends... Or more?

Hey! You beautiful girl, my friend
Umm... I wanted to ask something
Are you just a friend to me or am I in love with you?
I wish I knew. Can you tell?

I adore you. I like you. I respect you.
You make me feel happy
You make me feel kool
I do feel something in my heart, when I see you
I long for your company
I look forward to see you
I want to be there,
Doing everything you do

What was the last time I told you
how, just how beautiful you are?
You're way too gorgeous, dear
For me you're a star
I admire you a lot
For what, I don't know
But I admire you a lot

I love to walk you to and from the college
Even though it means walking as slow you do
I love teasing you, and your "Shut up!"
And I find you not just beautiful
But very attractive too
You know... I feel a strange attraction for you

There are a million things I want to write about
Can fill all the pages and still not be done with
Your beautiful eyes, your graceful walk
Your mesmerising smile, your elegant mannerisms
And the way you laugh and the way you talk...

I have other girl-friends too
They too are all nice 'n' pretty 'n' attractive
I love, respect and adore them too
But I don't feel for them what I feel for you

What is it that I feel for you?
Are we just friends or more?
You're a special friend, I guess
But how special? How, how special, can you tell me?

Hey gorgeous! And what do You feel for me?
I wish I knew
And may I talk to you about this confusion of mine
as honestly as I can write it down?
Eh, see, I'm confused, and maybe a bit shy too
I dare not ask this to my other lovely friends
Would You tell me what is it?
This question has got me wondering 'n' wondering
Would You help me sort it out, please?

Are we just friends
Or, eh, more?
I guess I love you
Just want to be sure
That I really, really love you
I just want to confirm
Hey dreamgirl, please tell me how to! 

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