December 26, 2013

Good riddance, b'day is gone

Phew! It's one minute since my birthday got over. To my joy and satisfaction, it turned out to be an uneventful day. As normal as it comes. Wait, it wasn't normal. For, today I did four spectacular things: washed my clothes, cleaned my room, took a bath and didn't skip a meal. I think it's for the first time in sooo many months that I pulled off such a feat. Wow! I give myself a pat on the back for the epic achievement. Managing to perform these many Herculean activities in a single day is no mean task for the uberlazy guy I've become of late. Lazy I've always been. Becoming uberlazy is a recent accomplishment.

So I turned 26. Hmmm... But I have no thoughts to offer. Nothing to philosophise. No awe and disbelief on turning this old. Ever since I ceased being a teen (and this was more than half a decade years ago), I've been shocked that I'm not a teen anymore. Got to think of something new to harp on in my birthday posts. But well, as I was listening to Bryan Adams's Anthology today, he says 18 Till I Die. And this indeed applies to me. Age certificate might say whatever, I'm still as stupid and naive—and phattu when it comes to girls—as I was at the age of 18.

One strange thing. Today evening when I came to office, I saw an e-card in my inbox. The sender did not identify himself/herself. The section of sender's name said "to hemant". I wonder who it was. Not that I care, just a mild curiosity. More so because when I clicked on the link of the e-card, it directed me to a page that said the card is no longer available. E-cards expire not before two or three months. Did the anonymous sender delete the card after sending it? Can they? Why? Was it because I've gone incommunicado? Let me ask ACP Pradyuman. Uh oh. What a boring joke.

But ok, I'm not in form these days. Yesterday (on 24th), office people dragged me to take part in salad-making competition. I've been dodging such time-waste things for more than two years here, but this time I couldn't wriggle out of the situation as the competition was to be in groups and a boy from the US who's interning with us wanted to soak in the experience. He needed a partner and the pretty girls in whose department he's interning talked me into going with him. I went only because it won't have seemed appropriate not to entertain a guest. I felt so stupid, embarrassed and awkward, standing on the terrace reluctantly with cucumbers, rotten tomatoes, radish, capsicum on a table, Gangam Style playing in the background. UGhhhh!! While that torture is over, I have another thing to tackle, two in fact: tomorrow, HR department is going to send 'Belated Happy Birthday' mails. Then towards month-end, there is cake-cutting thing in office.

I just hate all this drama. Avoiding cake-cutting thing is easy. I'll just came late to the office. Just that work will take a toll because these days, I'm the only one in my department. But hell with it. I had signed up here to work, not to slice tomatoes, dice cucumber and cut cake. I'll come late. Oh, but tomorrow I hope no one sees 'Belated Happy Birthday' mail. I hope they don't put my name in it. While I'll definitely convince them it's not my birthday and it's an error, still... Ah, I wish I could bunk tomorrow.

Ok, I can go on and on. But no time. I am writing from office and it's empty now. No editing this one. It comes straight from the heart. Hahahaha... A post coming straight from the heart seems so boring. But ok, I can't be that entertaining, jovial guy 365 days a year.

Just one thing. While I don't like celebrating my birthday, I'm glad I was born. I've so much to do.

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P.S. Yeah, I wrote I won't edit this, but two weeks after posting it, I noticed a couple of mistakes and set them right. I'm a sub-editor, after all.

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