February 09, 2015

These funny Hindi songs will surely crack you up

I just had to put this song on my blog. My band's latest music video, The Legend of Kabootars' Diet. It's a fun track. Totally crazy. Two grown men debating if pigeons eat pistachio shells. Hmmm... Too much sophistication in English. Maza nahi aaya. Kya kabootar piste ke chhilke khaate hain? Is gambheer masle pe vaad-vivaad karte hue do yuvaon ki kahani hai The Legend of Kabootars' Diet.

Do check out the song and share it with your friends and family. It deserves wide recognition. I dare say, even though it has been viewed less than 250 times by now, I dare say it will become a monster hit someday soon. Mark my words. It will.

Hmmm... While we're at it, let me share another fun track by my band. The Duckface Theme Song :P 

Made on the tune of Duck Tales, this one is hilarious. Yeah, I wrote the lyrics. Avinash (friend, bandmate) programmed the music brilliantly right from the scratch. The result is this superrrrrr fun track. Wondering why this hasn't gone viral yet. It will, it will. I know it will. It has to. Check it out. These songs are funny!

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