October 24, 2017

A random post about burgers

I have a lot of things to write about, many of them important. Such as my thoughts on my music career, which crashed before it could take off. Such as the long-due post about my thoughts on my years as a full-time journalist. My feelings about my beloved bike, which I had to sell off with a heavy heart. My past two months in Bangalore. Getting to stay in Balco again, after leaving the place for good in 2004. My two cents about the grown-up life, marriage, big city vs hometown... A long list. 

There's so much more I've been wanting to write. No excuses, I've been extremely lazy and unproductive since quitting the newsroom in June 2014. Boy, that's more than three years! Prime years of my youth. Wasted? Maybe... But know what? No regrets. Regret does you no good. I have lived a life of extreme deprivation in Bangalore. Work seven days a week, no leisure, no social circle at all. I deserve all the laidback time I've enjoyed. (More on this in another post.)

Yeah, so here is a random topic I wanted to discuss: Good burgers.

The first time I had McDonald's, I was wowed. It was more than 10 years ago, I guess. McDonald's had just opened an outlet in Doon and I had gone with my cousins. Back then, they'd serve burgers with a generous serving of creamy cheese. McAloo Tikki would almost drip with that characteristic creamy orange cheese. But as time passed by, they drastically reduced the amount of cheese. 
Neither McAloo Tikki remained the same nor my other favourite, hitherto mayonnaise-laden McVeggie. This was such a bummer. A deal-breaker, actually.

This time around, McD was going to town with its ad campaign "Aap ke zamaane mein baap ke zamaane ke daam". Sadly, they prevented the cost of their product from rising by allowing a dip in its quality. Bad decision

These burgers just haven't been the same since. It's been disappointing. I gave up on McDonald's and never felt drawn to its store again. (Except that one time on Brigade Road in Bangalore when I needed to pee and I figured going to the loo in the McD was my best bet.)

About three years ago, a friend in Bangalore introduced me to KFC's Zinger. Being a vegetarian, of course I opted for the Paneer Zinger and it was smacking! Gosh... My mouth is watering again as I think of it. Its burger patty is essentially a batter-dipped and deep fried sandwich of two soft slices of paneer and an awesome spicy chutney. Gosh. My mouth just won't stop watering now. (And it's watering again as I'm proof-reading this post. It was so yummy!)

It was only around that time that these Zinger burgers were launched and KFC was running a promotional offer of buy 1, get 1 on Wednesdays. Thank God for that! I had these awesome burgers three-four times and fell in love with them.

A month later, I had it again with another set of friends, with me telling them what a great find it is. Sadly, the promotional offer had ended and we had to buy these at full price. Ouch! Quite costly, Rs140-160 for a burger. I don't recall being wowed by the burger this time. Was it because I was having it in Chhattisgarh and it didn't quite taste the same? Or was it the price point?

Well, I still loved the burger enough and gave it another shot, this time in Dehradun. Zinger with much less zing. Disappointing. It's sad. You find an awesome burger, you fall in love with it, at first you can't get enough of it but then it ceases to remain that bright and beautiful thing that won your heart.

Doesn't matter whether it's a girl or a burger who does this to you, it hurts.

Anybody who knows me well knows I'm not much into fast food anyway. I hardly eat out. Hardly ever. But for once if I want to have something nice without wanting to spare Rs100 notes, I should be able to.

(I can't help if from this point on, this blogpost looks like it's a paid post.)

And then two months ago, I got to eat at Burger King in Bangalore. Boy! I loved it! Crispy Veg Supreme, costing Rs45 but totally worth it. Yummy! Later, I also got to have their Veg Whopper. Although it was a takeaway and thus its filling was a bit here-there when I unpacked it, I still enjoyed it.

You know what? I'm looking forward to having this Whopper thing again. And try their entire veg range, in fact. Sadly, the mall here that has a Burger King outlet is far from my house, so I can't just go and have it whenever I feel like. But maybe this is fine. For, if it was close, I might have felt tempted to go there often to indulge my taste buds, which have been subjected to a lot of ubli lauki, turai etc since I moved back home.

The only problem is, these burgers are made of maida, refined wheat flour, which is not good for your health. Well, it's called junk food for a reason. Yeah. If food this tasty were to be healthy and nutritious, I'd have had loads of it. (That is, if I weren't to feel too lazy to step out, which has been the case with me since I moved back home.)

Yeah, if I had my bike here, there's no doubt I'd have va va vroomed my way to that mall whose food court has Burger King. But I don't have my bike anymore. Well, this bike thing is a sad topic. I'll write about it. I need to. But that's another post. And I'll write regularly from now on.

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