May 05, 2008

A Pleasant Summer Morning

Best things in the world are free. Whoever said that must surely have said it on such a beautiful morning. After days of merciless heat and humidity, when it started to drizzle last night everyone here in Doon could predict how the next day was going to be. Clouds could have been seen as cotton buds in the sky for past two days but it was last night when they chose to break their silence and speak in the language of mild thunders, with gentle lightning decorating the sky frequently. I was on the terrace, relaxing — earphones plugged in, listening to Boyzone, as cool breeze ruffled my hair. Such a cool night in hot summer is like… I don’t know how to describe, but it definitely is very pleasant! I prayed, like many in Doon must have, for rain to pour down on the summer and heat and humidity. And God was kind. And prompt! It started drizzling, man! Everything seemed so right, just the right mix, in right proportions — occasional thunder of clouds, the moon playing hide–n–seek, the cooool, soothing breeze, beautiful lightning (even lightning seemed beautiful) plus sound of water droplets striking the earth, the fresh scent of wet earth (a smell muchhh better than costliest of perfumes)… Wow! Is there anything more cheerful than a perfect, pleasant weather?

Well yeah, woke up at 5 am, it was still drizzling, but it stopped. When the
birds start chirping after a long rain, it means the rain is over now. Ah, how beautiful is that sound too — sweet chirps of little birds early in the morning! Hey, all that beauty of the night — clouds, smell of earth (less strong though), the cooool wind is still here.. And my six–month–old kitten too is in a very playful mood! Pets, they’re such a source of pleasure! How could I resist taking a walk outside in such a nice weather! So quickly got ready and stepped out in my black t–shirt and blue jeans, after combing my hair (I expected to cross path with beautiful girls!). Earphones plugged in, still listening to Boyzone. It doesn’t take even 10 steps to realize that a walk outside in such a wonderful weather is worth giving up the leisure of sleeping till late. It’s so damn cool outside! Unexpected at this time of the year. A change is always welcome when it is pleasant. Isn’t it? Ground is still wet from the rain that has just stopped. Rain has washed all that heat and dust that typify a summer morning. That night-long gentle shower has washed down the earth! Rejuvenated life into tired and complaining souls!

Old uncles are walking their dogs, aunties are religiously walking fast with their walking shoes on to reduce (which they hardly do), some tired guys jogging, pushing for that extra mile, stray dogs playfully fighting with each other, cows just standing there aimlessly amid green grass, birds’ chirps still a prominent sound, sun behind the clouds, no sign of ‘heat’ as such! Everything is just so cool, so pleasant, so so so cheerful..! And the wonderful, melodious sound of Boyzone seems even more wonderful in such a pleasant morning where everything seems just perfect, the best you can ask for!

Haha, I don’t think any of us would like to attend the usual boring, sleepy lectures today. I’ve sent SMSs to all friends, asking if they’re interested in bunking today and go to Mussoorie. A couple of replies came (obviously in affirmative), rest of the idiots are sill sleeping ;-) If the sun doesn’t come out and it remains cool (I pray so), we’ll definitely go uphill and have fun! Hmm... Gotta fuel the bike then, man!

It’s really such a beautiful morning, I wish that’s how it remains here this whole summer. Dehradun is a valley, ceiling fans were a needless entity in olden days. People in other parts of India still think Dehradun is a ‘cold’ place. Cold, did you say? Man, temperature here goes really high! In such a climate, the cool, pleasant weather that this overnight
rain has brought is just amazingly refreshing! Hell with college, I’ve enough attendance! Above 90% in all :-D Haha… Mussoorie, we’re coming!

“In the morning a man walks with his whole body; in the evening, only with his legs.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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