August 04, 2008

It's IMS Again!

Today is the first day of the new academic year in IMS — Institute of Management Studies, Dehradun. My college. Ugh! I never thought I’d address IMS as ‘my college.’ But well, as the things turned out in the end, I miss my college and my peers.

Let’s analyse. What exactly do I miss about being a part of IMS? Undoubtedly, it’s the fun factor that I’m missing. Wow, what a college it was! And what a life we lived… Never bothered to take along a pen or paper, but always made sure before leaving home that the cell phone and the headset were in my pocket. Once in the college, there it was, our balcony seat! Classrooms in IMS are built in theater-style, i.e. staircase type. Ours was the laaast seat (we named it balcony seat). And our balcony seat was just next to the window. Imagine, last seat next to window in second floor classroom, and at such a location from where you could see everyone’s movement in college. From our window we could see the entrance gate of the college, the main building, way to cafeteria, the tree we made famous.. Wow.. How we proudly used to occupy our enviable position on our balcony seat and used to look at those beautiful girls of my college!

Man I always said it that no matter wherever you go you’d never find sooo many beautiful girls who happen to be sooo beautiful! Yes folks, IMS Dehradun girls are really beautiful, even in uniform. (We had a waiter-like uniform – white shirt, black pant, blue tie.) I had soooo many crushes. If one went out of sight, another two used to walk in from somewhere. Those two went, another three used to walk in! Wow.. There was beauty all around… I really miss you girls... And I’m sure one particular group will be missing us too! Your first two years in IMS were pretty eventful, thank us dumbos!

And studies.. Aha.. Just don’t ask. No one ever gave a damn what the teacher is saying, never noted down anything in class. My friends and I never gave assignments and presentations, never sat for internal exams for more than 10 minutes, hardly sat for external exams for more than two hours. Aptly put by Tufi, that dear tree of ours was our correspondence address in the college. Our default hangout place. The tree under whose shade we used to chill out, listening to silly ringtones and laughing, or me imitating our teachers, or Rohit playing guitar. Yeah, one sir had even complimented me, “Hemant you don’t bring pen and paper but you always bring your guitar!”

Then our small walk to DIT canteen, it used to be so colourful, thanks to all those beautiful girls of DIT, and the rule that casual dress was allowed on Wednesday. Man I really like that girl – coin slot, and meri wali. Hehe.. I’m proud of myself that at least I gathered enough courage to dare talk to a girl and tell her that I have a crush on her! Thanks to a female cousin, it wouldn't have been possible had she not suggested that wonderful technique.

This article is not going anywhere. And this is not even an article as such, in the real sense. Damn! I’m a journalism student now and am supposed to be mindful of all the nuances of grammar. Yeah that’s true, but ‘this’ article is about IMS, so heck with any rule! In IMS I never did what I was supposed to do! I lived life on my own terms – messed with the director, had some friction with hard-boiled teacher, came sooo close to a fight situation, then solved it tactfully, became Mr. Farewell…!!

Man can’t you simply guess I had a fun-filled life, all these past three years. IMS — Institute of Mismanagement Studies actually — was our abode for fun. We used to go to college everyday because it was so much fun! Those beautiful girls, we friends, our gang, our hangouts, the time we spent together… Heck I miss it! And especially today, which marks the beginning of a new session. I wonder how many beautiful girls are there in this batch! Upon seeing them, on how many of them I’d have got a crush? Ah I’m really curious to know yaar. Last year’s batch brought Arjun ( a beautiful girl with boy-cut, thus the masculine name), black beauty, her whole group (all are soooo ……), bomb, my dear Kangana, then many girls whom we hadn’t given any nickname cuz we were very busy with their seniors. Yaar but last year’s batch was also a good one.

Sheh…. I miss being there. Arey kuch rutba tha hamara, dhaak thi IMS me. Khair, my stint is over there. Hmmm.. But let me think, I suppose this is the last time I’m writing for IMS. What really bonds us together? Do we love the college? Hell no! We absolutely hate it. We hate the director, that bloody (I won’t say anything but people understand what I want to say), their stupid, good-for-nothing, baseless rules that we never followed, those useless fines we had to give for damage we hadn’t done, that silly pattern of internal marking that drowned most of us, their.. just every damn thing about them. Ugh we hate college administration. We never had any function that gave us a chance to unite and hangout, no sports, nothing. Oh IMS people you are the world’s biggest losers! But hey, if this college is so bad, then why do people miss it?

Simply because its poor, irresponsible behaviour never prompted us to study, placed a complacent attitude in us, no one was motivated or enthusiastic. Like I wrote in the previous article, our life at IMS was a three-year picnic. I loved this picnic. I miss that feeling, that casual, complacent, laidback feeling rooted deep down inside us, when we used to stare outside window as the lecturer used to bore us, used to obediently go out of the classroom when told so...

Oh, man, I miss my college 'education' ;-)

“College is the best time of your life. When else are your parents going to spend several thousand dollars a year just for you to go to a strange town and get drunk every night? ” — David Wood

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