June 13, 2011

I meditate, she becomes Dalai Lama

It's a dream I saw around a couple of weeks ago, when I was in Goa. In the dream, I was in Balco (the township in Chhattisgarh where I lived for the first 17 years of my life), in our bungalow quarter that has a big lawn. And what do I see on the lawn of the quarter with whom we share our left boundary wall? The girl whom I love was doing Tai Chi there!

She was standing with her feet shoulder-width apart. Slowwwly stretching to her left. Verrryyy slowly. Then stretching to her right in the same slowww manner. I noticed it when I was going out of my house — in the dream — for some work. I return after a couple of hours and she was still there, doing Tai Chi! I didn't go and speak to her, fearing  her "I'm busy". Don't know if she even noticed me.

There must have been more to this dream but I remembered only this much when I woke up. Ok, went to my meditation camp then. (I had gone to Goa to attend a spiritual camp.) After returning that evening, I told my friend — had gone to Goa with a school-time friend — about the dream. First he gave me a blank look. Then, in all seriousness, he said, "It's been just a few days that you started these meditations and she's now doing Tai Chi in your dreams. Looks like if you keep meditating then after a month she'll come in your dreams as Dalai Lama!"

Hahaha... That insightful observation left both of us in splits. I found it funny that's why thought should mention it here on my blog. I wonder how Sigmund Freud would have interpreted this dream, she doing Tai Chi for two hours! Hahaha... But she looked beautiful, as always. And just loved that nonchalant look on her face when she was doing, well, Tai Chi!

"Last night I dreamed I ate a 10-pound marshmallow. When I woke up, the pillow was gone." — Tommy Cooper

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