September 02, 2013

I'm great! People say so

YO YO YO YO YO! The Champ [pause] is [pause] HERE!! 

Hahaha... That used to be the opening line of WWE wrestler John Cena in his initial days. The crowd would go crazy when he'd say that. And that's how most of my emails to friends used to start. That was years ago. Why am I reminiscing the old stuff? I was looking at my pics of yore when an acquaintance sought to see my photos in which I look healthy. So I logged into Orkut, showed off my pics (I was such a looker during my graduation days!) and then drifted away to reading testimonials. Wow!

No doubt, Facebook is miles ahead of Orkut, but letting people's friends write testimonials for them is one good thing that Orkut did and Facebook hasn't. As I started reading my testimonials, I felt glum. I felt good. I'm so awesome! I'm great! Deeply satisfying when you have other people saying that for you. Hahahaha... So let's get down to the brass tacks and see just how highly my friends regard me. 

The first one: On April 8, 2007, I received my first testimonial. My bestest friend wrote it for me. I was 19 then. I guess that was for the first time I had tears of joy. Ahhhh... How great it all felt :)
  • Hemant! I was wondering 5 min before.. why I am writing testimonial for him. but hey now enough , people really need to know the real Hemant… if u think dat hemant is Idiot,stupid, mad ,carziii feella who is never ever serious 4 anything… :D ( jaisaa ki pehle mai sochti thi.. in my school days) den I am sorri to say . u all need to update the file in ur minds named hemant… and know the real new version of him… which is finally I got to know ! B-)
    A boy wid Awesome writing skills (gosh ! I got shocked wen I read his article) It was just superb.. he is a boy whom u can trust on… always ready to listen N yaa mind it… he is listening to u wid full sincerity, that’s wat is imp. a boy who wanna do something for poor people.grt thinking yaar… he is kool v friendly v intelligent.. :) wonderful person by heart….. he is v simple and pure…. :) :)
    And yaa I can’t dare to forget his singing talent helloo don’t get surprised… he has damn good voice…. B-)
    He really added new colours to my life…. As such a grt friend.. who ll let u know abt ur mistakes on face and’ll praise even a smallest improvement… B-) he is lovely frd I ever had ..alwayss be same hemant.. not u ppl around u need change now…. God bless u…. Thankss for being my friend…… :) :)
From an angel: I have known her since I was in class 9. She's three years younger and was my next-door neighbour for two years. Such a sweetheart. Everyone loves her. She saw the aforementioned testi and it spurred her to lavish praise on me. Good decision, I say! This came on May 7, 2007, btw.
  • hemant bhaiyya is da sweetest boy ive ever come across......friends like him r very rare.....and iam very lucky to be one of his frends......he is always ready to lend a helping hand.....very frank and open....can be very moody too at times.....lolz..hez very caring....loving and is always there fr u.....wonderful listener.....and alwaz gt new and exciting stories to tell.....u will never gt bored wid him....and also hez gt an amazin memory....remembers everything u tell him....and he alwaz makes otherz feel SPECIAL by remebering those little things.NEVER EVER CHANGE BAHIYYA!!!!!
Bestest friend again: She would keep deleting accounts and creating new ones. You know how it is with girls, right? So she wrote me another one from her new account on March 14, 2008. God is great. Hahaha ;)
  • Our friendship Is not a result of random chance fate or luck, there is a master plan of god behind it!! I know hemant will not believe in it. But I do :) .. he is sooo loving , caring n helpful person one can met in his life/her life….nobody can be more caring Than him. If u have any problem d first person on earth who is worried abt it it Hemant .. who will not sleep till he find out a solution fo it !!(but to enjoy dis service u have to be his frd naa :P
    He seems to be v funny, careless at the times..but guys beware dats not d real hemant! He is damn serious abt evrthing happening around him… not an easy person to understand even ur small act can pissed him off….he takes even d smallest thing u said to his heart,,, he have a Divine heart yup I mean it…a divine heart which onli think abt doing gud….he is a total harmless creature …. :)
    He is a bundle of incredible abilities …an amazing creation of god … well it’s a different thing that he has completely messed up with life..and god loves watching every detail of his life…….but god don’t want to help him out…coz he know hemant don’t need any help….he is organized wid all powers v well …..Just d problem is to realize how to use those powers :)
    keep rocking :)
Who wrote this one? This one is dated August 3, 2008. The person has deleted his/her account and I really don't remember who wrote this. I guess this person was one of those who were part of the online group where my anti-reservation articless were a rage. While I can't recall who you are, thanks for the kind words.
  • its a waste of tym to write ....its deep, grafted in my mind dat ur d fuel of future IINDIA, "SONE KI CHIDIYA" . . A KRANTIKARI IS BORN....

Yeah! That's my boy: Now this is what I call manufactured consent. Anna, 24 ghante chaukanna, the brainiest, multitalented kid. This maha-phodu aadmi was my classmate in school. In fact, we traded testis. No, not the organ. I meant plural of "testi", the slang for "testimonial". It was his idea. He said you write for me, I'll write for you. We sent each other his testi by mail and then posted it after obtaining consent. The first draft of what he wrote for me was far too nice, so I asked him to add some masala, which you'll see as his closing remarks. Hahahah... Oh, the date is January 22, 2009, btw. I was in the second sem of journalism college.
  • HEMANT... hmmm HEMU... hmmm TINNY...hmmm bas enuf with the nick names... lets get going
    one of the coolest guy i (or rather anybody else who has come in contact with him) have ever met in my whole life. GOD he has got brains and that too a versatile one which he puts to use in a MYRIAD of situations except studies. there are some guys who can't be judged by the silly paramaters set by today's mundane world and i assure u HEMANT is one of them. he is just above all these things. as they say "SOME THINGS ARE JUST MEANT TO BE.... " never change man!!! u rock. who said nobody is perfect !!! you already are !!!
    and ya one thing that is the rarest in the meanest of breeds (humans of course ) is ALTRUISM b'liv me this guy has cultivated this to the fullest. a nice company, the best guy. kudos to u my pal... but saala aajkal kutte type bhaagne laga hai ladkiyon ke peechey haalaki vishesh sutron (SHUKLA) se pata chala hai ki darne ki koi baat nahi hai "HE WILL BE WITH US ONLY KYUNKI BAHUT PHATTU HAI ".

Shhh! The Secret: Nah, sorry. Nothing secretive about the one who wrote this. He/she too has deleted his/her profile and I can't recall who it was. What I remember is that he/she was part of the Orkut community about The Secret. It was this docu-movie and these people whose support bailed me out of the toughest time I had in my life. Thank you so much! (I've got a feeling I recall who wrote this. Was a girl, I think.) Sent on August 3, 2009.
  • haha.............hez of d most talkative prani of r hez nice n helpful person...........n i'll pray to God.....bhagwan balak ke sapne Bhut badeeeeeeeeeee hain......jaldi se pura kar do.....nai toh ye VAAchal Prani aapko b nai Bakshega..lolA Frn is an Appreciator, A critic, alwayz stay by ur side in goOd n Bad times, showS u d rite Path, ScOlds u,
    Lvs u, plAys every possible Role in ur Life.............just fr u.........bla bla bla..list goes on n oNNNN.....but u r a LuCky Star fr Me whIch SECRET has given to me
    HaPpy ManiFesting
    Khush reyon
Yeah, this is all. I mean this is all besides the silly ones like "Cute tweety for a cute friend", roses, teddy bears made out of special characters. I mercilessly declined such spam-ish stuff.

Orkut became a digital cemetery long ago. That doesn't mean I don't get any compliments now. I got an email earlier this year from a fan, saying I'm a jackass and I should get an Oscar for acting like a good guy. Oscar, man! That's some compliment.

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