December 13, 2014

A good day with friends

These days, I'm in Balco. I've never written a blog post about Balco, a big township where I grew up, spent the first 17 years of my life. Studied in the same school, with the same idiots from class I to XII. The place I call home. Because home is where the heart is.

I'm in Balco to record our songs, for our band. It's with my school friend that I'm starting the band. He's got a home studio made in his new house and we've started recording our songs. 

The last time I was in Balco, it was about seven years ago. It feels so good to be here. I won't even attempt describing how good. Some feelings are so fine and beautiful that I'm wary my description of them with mere words will be underwhelming. 

This post will be a quick one, because I'm juggling our band's social media work right now. Won't have taken up this blog post, but yesterday was such a good day, I have to record it. Though I've been in Balco for two weeks now, I hadn't stepped out of my friend's house. It's only yesterday that I went for a stroll, saw my old house. Whoa... That feeling! The house where I grew up. That's the house where I was so young and stupid that I used to wet bed, my sister used to dress me up in her frilly frocks, I used to run out in them, used to pee on my neighbours when they'd hold the baby-me. The house where, as a teenager, I developed a love for pop music. Listening to the ballads and croonings all day, convinced that those melodies were conveying my feelings.

Ha! Like I'd said, I shouldn't attempt to describe those feelings. 

Yeah, so yesterday was a wonderful day. Why? Firstly, because I saw my old house after soooo long. It brought back such a rush of memories. Walking a li'l further in our lane, I found a litter of pups hiding under a car. Just like those good 'ol days when we were kids, and there would be puppies everywhere. Our evening playtime meant mollycoddling those pups. I tried getting hold of the pups yesterday, but they didn't come to me. In fact, a nearby cow charged towards me, perhaps thinking I was there to harm the pups. Was so good to be there. I'll visit my old place regularly now for my remaining stay here. I hope I do get to befriend those pups.

The second reason the day was great was because, well, I spotted a BEAUTIFUL girl in Balco! That was while returning to my friend's house after visiting my old place. Hair in a pony tail, dressed in a black jacket and capri-length slacks, she looked like... Man! You don't get to see a girl that beautiful in Balco. You get to see a girl that beautiful in Bangalore, where I stayed for six years. To see suchhhh a beautiful, attractive young woman in Balco was such a high! Such a high! Can't tell. Because usually for bird-watching, Chhattisgarh is a biiiiiiiiig disappointment. She's like an oasis in this desert. I think I'll fall.... No thinking. *Budbudbudbudbud* But I'll visit that place again, the same time, to catch hold of her. Perhaps. Most likely.

Thirdly, I visited a school friend who became papa two weeks ago. He was blessed with a son two days before his birthday. You know what makes it all the more better? He's married to a girl from our class. School friends, got married, and now stepped into parenthood. Such a special moment for them! I'm so happy I got to visit them. Held his li'l son in my arms. But the chhotu champ started crying when I took him in my arms :-/ Is it because of the half-dozen piercings on my face?

Fourth reason: At the stroke of midnight, we (my friend with whom I'm staying, his brother and I) went to the house of another school-time friend, to wish him a happy birthday. And we did wish him the way friends do. Birthday-bump style! Oh, we even got a video of the bromance-action-comedy moment. Such a pleasure it was to kick his ass. Wuhahahahaha... Mind you, it's cold in this part of the country, and it's mid-December. I put on my shoes, went to his house, kicked him, punched him, pounded him. And so did my friend. Ah, what a pleasure! The best part is that it's all recorded on the camera. Bliss. Pure bliss! Wish I could post the video here. But I shouldn't, so you'll have to make do with this photograph. I love my friends!

And the best part about yesterday, I recorded my vocals for a song! There's a reason the phrase "last but not the least" is in vogue. My first recording! And my music composer friend seemed satisfied with the takes. First song! Lead vocals! This is important, man! I'm not a trained musician, and have acquired a lot of bad singing habits by years of casual singing. Despite all that I could give a satisfactory take, hugely relieving. 

As I've got the band's social media pages to handle right now, I'll be quick and end this post here. Here's hoping I improve by leaps and bounds in music. And here's hoping I spend a lot more quality time with friends. We all grew up together. From when we were perhaps crying on day one of nursery school, to checking out girls together in class XII. It's a special bond. Will last forever. I hope I meet more of them, more often, and we make more memories to cherish and laugh about.

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