November 23, 2008

Thank you, Brent Hurd

Dear sir,

Wanted to thank you for all the strength and support you’d given me, when I needed it the most. I hadn’t been doing well in studies, you found out, and spoke to me about it, as a friend would. You told me you had great expectations from me (and got me pushing harder to meet them). You told me I could do it, you instilled faith in me. Every once in a while you’d stop by and ask me how things were going. You cared, sir. You made me feel important. Want to thank you a ton for all of this, for lifting my spirit when I was down.

You cared for all your students likewise. You treated them with love and respect. You came across as a very understanding person, to whom any of us could come and talk about anything, anytime. Your gentle smile on your kind face always welcomed us. Even during lunch and dinner time you’d invite students to discuss their academics with you. 

We look up to you for your dedication and devotion to the profession, sir. You always worked harder than any of us here, and that always pushed us harder to meet your standards. And that is what you believe in, being the example to follow. Isn’t it! I remember how, when we were talking about positive thinking and its results, you’d said that we must not preach, rather we must “be the example for others to follow.” You were the one who walked the talk in every sense. 

And just how much each one of us loved your charming, sweet and affable nature! You always cared to say a quick “How’re you doing?” and greet everyone as you hurried by (and you always hurried by, whether you were walking by or were on your bike no. 4). And just how much we loved your quick accent!

I have never seen someone with so much patience, poise and politeness. Your simplicity and down to earth nature were your outstanding traits. You were a gentleman in every sense.

Sir, in past four months that we’ve known you, you’ve made a lasting impression on all of us. You were a great teacher, a great friend, a great counsellor. To lift a quote from Red Skelton, I guess the only time you made anyone sad is when you left us. But I know, now you’re with us more than ever. You’re sitting up there in Heaven, and will always guide us even now, as you did before.

Sir, you’ll always be alive in our memories and hearts. And it’s just a matter of time before we go out as journalists and make you proud. And then you can puff up and your chest and tell your fellow angels in heaven, “Hey, these are my students!”

With deep sense of love and gratitude
Yours truly

“Our legacy is our integiry” — Brent Hurd  

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