September 22, 2009

Happy as heaven :)

Oh yes! I'm happy as heaven!! :-) WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!! Yeah... Happy. Happy as heaven! WHOA! Well, all I wanna do right now is sing and dance and yell, and do it till I tire and fall asleep. Whoo!!

OK. OK. I'll try to calm down now. Caaaalm... down...
Breathe in... Breathe out...
Breathe in... Breathe out...
Breathe in... Breathe out...

Be sober now, and write. Yes! Sober! The ecstasy of happiness drives you crazy! KRRAZZYYY! But happiness-induced crazyness is something I'd never wanna let go, notwithstanding the inconvenience it causes. Yes. I'm in British Library, grinning ear-to-ear, talking to myself and laughing. Thinking of something and clapping randomly. Looking through the glass panes at the two beautiful girls who just walked by, and laughing again. I'm pacing around the library, looking if there's someone I can laugh with, or hug. Creating so much excitement, I'm drawing the ire of fellow readers, and the library staff. Sorry, folks! But it's just that I'm suuuuuupperrrr excited!!

OK. I had thought of writing something particular when I had started the previous para, but have completely forgotten now what it was. Well, that's what happens when I'm very-ultra-super-happy. YO! I'm not even writing anything meaningful or informative now, just typing out anything. While typing, I'm getting happier, and proud of my excellent typing speed. Oh, I am such a quick typist!!

Yeah. So what am I happy about?? Ok, it's been some days that I'm very happy, for no reason in particular. And since yesterday, my happiness has just increased. Exponentially! Ok, now let me try to find out the reasons for the happiness. Ummm... Well... Tch... Ok. Ummm... Let's see how many can I list:
1. My bike: Oh its engine is running sooooo smoothly now. Good servicing, folks! I just love the sound when it is at neutral. It is almost inaudible! Driving it has never felt better in its three-year-old and 20,000-km history. And I think this time it will give good, no, best mileage than ever. Riding my Discover is a pleasure!
2. Traffic: Yeah. Usually traffic is a reason of pain, not pleasure, in metropolitans. More so in Bangalore! But I'm lucky, you see. I get more greens than reds on the signals!
(I can't think of more!? There must be more reasons. Think, HG. Think...)
3. Two days ago, I went to Crossword (a big bookstore), and there picked up a book on a subject of my interest. And then the information I came across was, like, just what was needed! I remember, how happy I was, while reading those pages, wearing my trademark grin. Oh I was mighty happy!
4. Well, one BIG reason... Something I would tell my friends, but not put up on a public blog. But this event/thing got me on cloud number ninety-nine! Eeeeeeeeehaaaaawww..!!
5. Ummm... Very soon I'm going to land a job. A proper job, in a newspaper. What, how, when... I don't know, and I don't even need to know.
6. More than an year ago, my first ever mobile phone (Nokia N70) had stopped functioning. Thanks to a heavy downpour, it had died. The Nokia service centre people had given up, saying its mother board and IC were gone. But now, an acquaintance of our milkman repaired my cell, and now it's as good as new. Whoa! Gonna flaunt my N-Series after a long time :-)

Ok. I can't think of more reasons. And it hardly matters. The bottom line is that I'm happy, and that's all that matters. I just need to stay in this mood. Well, previously I had written more than a dozen depressing posts on this blog, all of which I deleted later on. I've worded enough of my worries, fears, insecurities and lowliness... It's high time, baby, that I affirm my positive state of mind. Have done enough cribbing. It's time to celebrate joy! YO! Whole life is supposed to be a celebration. Isn't it!

Hmmm... May be this post won't go down as the best one I have written, but who cares! True joy, true happiness takes you to a state where you don't bother about others' approval or opinion. You are not attached with the result of your work. You do it just for the joy of working. Unattachment, contentment... See, the side-benefits that happiness brings!

Well, I hope and pray that from here my joy and happiness only increases. That I get more and more silly reasons to be happy, more reasons to celebrate, and more importantly, more friends — true friends, I mean — to share my happiness with. Amen!

"No one has ever injured his eyesight by looking at the bright side of things." — Unknown

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