November 03, 2009

Bad day

Can things go any more nasty? Traffic cops pulled me twice in past four days and fined Rs. 100 for jumping traffic signal, when I hadn't done that!! That ba***rd let another driver, whom he had stopped, go but penalised me. (I wish I could type here all those gaalis I'm thinking for that ....)

Yesterday when I woke up, I found my mobile phone missing from my room. It got stolen in the most amazing fashion! Someone came into my room between 11 pm and 2 am and took it from my side!! Look at the audacity...!!!

And today, on MG Road, saamne sala auto wala break mara, to uske peechhe main tha maine break mara, par meri bike ke pichhle tyre ke neeche slippery mitti padi thi, to break maarne pe meri bike gir gayi :(

Sala apna ek news story ko 1 mahine se complete kar ke rakha hoon, abhi tak atka hua tha, just because of one elusive quote. Saale telecommunication companies aur Government of India's telecommunication department hi contact me nahi aa rahe! Aaj ja ke ek quote mila, finally. Woh bhi ek mahina purana quote hai, naya kuch nahi. Sala...

Hatt sala... Aur yeh sab tabhi ho raha hai when it's the most crucial time of my life yet — my internship at The Hindu. I'm taking this time very seriously, looking forward to make a grand impression so that they hire me. Aur uske beech me sala yeh sab nautanki.

Hmmm... Well, I've survived worst things past year. Haha, exact one year ago. Kya khikk time tha. Having survived that, I can survive anything. And these are just bad breaks. Hell with 'em! Come, if you are too eager; I'll just show you who is bigger.


Ah! Here I wrote that it's a bad day, and God just affirmed that indeed it is!! After writing the portion before the *** marks, I went somewhere to get some information to complete a story. Parked my bike. And as I was walking on footpath, a speeding car passed over a small pool of water on the road (thanks to rain), and splashed the dirty water all over me. In the most disastrous fashion. Just like the way they show on TV — it drenched me from head to toe! Really! My God... What a terrible day..!!

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