April 26, 2010

White shoes are not for faint-hearted

The worst time to wear your brand new white sports shoes is the rainy season. All it takes is one drive in downpour to soil your proud, new purchase. Splash, splash! And dirty, muddy water renders a dirty look to your no-more-white and no-more-new-looking shoes.

These were pre-monsoon rains here, which marred the beauty of my dear new white shoes (I emphasise, my “dear” new shoes). Partly white and partly not. Looks like they are no more virgin. I’m heartbroken. (sigh)

The possessive, perfectionist person that I am, I washed them up completely. A bit of detergent powder, a bit of detergent soap, a lot of brushing and even more hoping and praying. KABOOM! All this later, my shoes looked as good as new! As if they are virgin again!

However, my joy was short-lived, as another rain soiled my brand new, white sports shoes yet again. What hurts more is that the repeat-tragedy could have been averted. I had reached office before the first hailstone hit the earth. Yes, hailstones! I rushed down from second floor of our building, just to rejoice the sight of hailstones. Hailstones! Yippie!

Yippie no more. Suddenly out of nowhere came a gushing stream of dirty, muddy water and… I'm heartbroken again. I can write no more.


Nilam said...

Virgin Shoes!!
its hilarious....

No one remains Virgin..life F*** everybody...so ur shoes
I saw it written on some rickshaw..

Hemant Gairola said...

Ah, yes. To say that my shoes look no more virgin is another way of saying that, thanks to rain, they are a bit f****d up.
I wish I had bought black shoes instead. Could have avoided the heartache (sigh!)