August 05, 2010

Back For Good: Robbie Williams joins Take That

Can there be a better news? No, sir. Take That, the original line-up, is back together..!! WOOOOHOO!! The five, original five, back together, after more than 15 years. Robbie is back in the band! YIPPIE!!! Man, it's so exciting... Click here to read about it.

So, why is it such a big news to me? Four out of these five guys have been performing for the past four years anyway. Their comeback song had won my heart right away. The musical implications of Rob's entry is not the main reason that pleases me. That he agreed to join and that the remaining bandmates accepted him is the real heartwarming news!

Yes, the friendship has been restored. The hatchet has indeed been buried. Bitterness gone. Hurt healed. Egos overcome. Unholy pride abandoned. Reconciliation prevails over resentment. Forgiveness, finally, and acceptance. Friends-turned-foes are friends again!

Man, you should have seen For The Record, the 2005 documentary about the band's heydays, their break-up and post-break-up scene. They were such a rage! I had cried when in the documentary the bandmembers announced they were parting ways. Gary had to try so hard himself not to cry while announcing it. A generation of teenagers had plunged into depression. The UK had to set up helplines to console devastated fans. I was so overwhelmed upon seeing that part.

Then started the rivalry between the bad boy Robbie and the frontman Gary. Former bandmates, pitting themselves against each other. Friendship, lost. Love, lost. Brotherhood, lost. Hatred, resentment, despise, malice... In. Ah, that hurts me.

Friendship is sacrosanct
For me, my friends have been the mainstay of my existence. Have made excellent friends in school and college (love you, guys). Got pseudo-friends during post-graduation. I know how it feels when someone close becomes distant all of a sudden. I know how it hurts when someone you loved so dearly (we're talking about friends here) starts taking you for granted and chooses ego over you. It hurts like hell. I've wished I knew how to make nice. Have sometimes revelled in the joy of imaginary reunion too. The joy of being back together... I have longed for it. Still do.

That's why I am so happy that these guys are back. Even if they don't produce a single album, I won't mind. That friendship is back, differences have been settled, harmony is restored. That's what is most important. Everything else is trivial in front of friendship. I am so happy! I hope they stay together, forever. I hope no one fights, they all have a great time together.

And I hope they stay safe and well. I was very happy upon learning of Boyzone reunion too. So unfortunate that Steve died the way he did. May his soul rest in peace. I feel for the rest of the Boyz. I hope Take That remains safe and sound and gives us great music. I hope they rule the charts and re-establish themselves as the ultimate pop band! Wishing you love, luck and success...

In the twist of separation, you excelled at being free

Can't you find a little room inside for me?
—Take That in Back For Good

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