January 04, 2013

Happy Eww Year, courtesy molesters

Following are the words of a female friend of mine who paid the price for daring to go out to celebrate New Year in Bangalore:

I wanted to have fun and yeah i had fun.
I hadn't planned much,so last minute decision to go to this place on MG road.Bollywood night.
I decked up.I wanted to look good and hopefully i was.
The party was great.I had company a school friend.A very old friend ...we met after ages.He doesn't drink, so i drank.i danced as if no one was watching. Hadn't done that in ages.Yeah so i was having a great time.
The countdown begun.party was coming to an end. we decided to leave. i was feeling happy and light.

His bike was parked at a distance of hardly a k.m. So we had o walk .
we came down from the disc.The streets were crowded.Closing time, every one, i thought trying to go back.
So we started against the mob.I call it a mob because that's what it turned out to be. A mob of shameless pathetic sick men.

We were walking. He trying to protect me.me also trying to protect myself.But still a guy misbehaved groped me.My friend actually went after him, He was angry and sorry.
I was angry too.but i didnt run after that guy.I was angry and shocked.
we took an auto- yeah for half a km.i was extra careful. still some other guy came and tried doing the same.

i realized i have accepted it.the fact that i have accepted such behavior amazes me!It is not the first time.Im sure in todays India every girl has been through a similar incident in her life.

After the delhi incident i was actually thinking that it was just this and nothing else!
i can say a lot against this behavior.it is bad not acceptable, but still can i do anything?!
Dont go in crowded places...men will misbehave!In India how can i avoid crwowd?!!!
Dont go in lonely dark places..men will rape!

Whats the solution? Acceptance. I hope not:/
but then should i live an unhappy sad life because of others?
i was happy should i let some sick pathetic guy take that away from me.
I decided it should not!

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