November 21, 2012

An amazing sex query

Here, I'm going to paste a query that appeared in 'Ask the sexpert' column of Bangalore Mirror, November 20 edition. The tabloid owns the following content and I claim no copyright. It's just so funny! Here, go through it:

Question: I am 19 years old and my husband is 32. We have sex every morning. When he was out of town for a few days, I masturbated with a banana. Once, the cook saw this. I was too excited to control myself, so I had sex with him. His penis was much larger than my husband's, so I enjoyed it. During the process, we got wild and I bit his penis hard. Is there a possibility of it breaking? If yes, is there a home remedy for it? Since his penis was larger, is it possible that my vagina has expanded?
Answer: Your vagina will not expand. You really cooked the cook's penis. Fortunately, there is no bone in the penis for it to fracture.

Hahahaha... It's just so damn stupid and funny! One of those things that really make you LOL, i.e. laugh out loudly. 

And, don't assume that I go through that Sexpert column. Some friends showed this question to me. They claim another friend of ours had sent that question to the tabloid. Now, this friend who reportedly sent this question—this friend, a girl, denies sending it—is famous for her childlike/childish antics. That's why this amazing query gains even more significance if it comes from her. She has been vehemently denying it, but I'm not gonna give her the benefit of doubt. I mean this is heights of vellapanti! Banana, for God's sake! Hahahaha... And cook, biting his member hard, broken organ, home remedy!! Oh my God! Dumb-stupid-wild imagination. Hats off to the writer. Hahahaha... Reportedly, this cute li'l girl who has been accused of sending that query had written a four-page description of the steamy act. I'm trying to get hold of the uncensored, detailed description. Didn't know this side of the baby girl's personality. It's such a revelation! I'm in awe of her. Hahahaha... Amazing creativity!

P.S. It's only the question-writer's creativity and imagination that I'm impressed with. I do not approve of using banana. Or cook.

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