February 25, 2015

I like my sense of humour :)

I perhaps underrate my sense of humour. A dear friend of mine from school sent me an excerpt from an old email of mine, reminding how funny I can be in unassuming manner. She's one of those rare people like me who enjoy reading and writing long emails. Nine-ten years ago, when we were in college, we used to exchange mails regularly. Lonnnnnnggg emails. This para is from one of those mails:

Really bad that you missed the cut-off by just 7 marks. You see, when I was in 8th class I went to Bilaspur to represent our school in 50 metre freestyle (swimming; at regional level sports) and missed the qualifying time for national by just 2 seconds . So I understand what it means to lose by narrow margin. (Though in reality I missed the qualifying time by 20 seconds, but after studying the topic 'significant figures' I don't give any importance to 0s anymore).

Hahahaha... I'm awesome. By the way, I believe I had missed the qualifying time by two seconds. I think I'd included this 'significant figures' theory only for the purpose of amusement. I miss writing long emails. 

I think the longest I wrote had 5,562 words. I'm sure it was never read. I wrote that in my journalism college. And I had such a hard time meeting the 3,000-words requirement of my master's thesis! Years later, it was normal for me to write 2,000/3,000-word-long mails. And how I loved that! Now there's no one to write to! Man, this is not good.

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