June 30, 2015

Would-have-been-Facebook-statuses for June

Firstly, I realise "statuses" is not a word. Just that I'm not a journalist anymore, so I sometimes deliberately do un-grammarly things to repent my Grammar Nazism.

1. I have created a fake id on Quora (a website where you post questions, people like you answer them. Just like Yahoo! Answers), under the name of a girl. Exchanged a few comments with a guy over a question I had posted. And now I get a message from him: 

Poor thing! I am not replying to him. Don't wanna make him think he's got chances of landing a girlfriend on Quora. KLPD hurts, so not gonna do it to him. I'm so nice!

2. Saw a tinyyyyyyy kitten on my way home from gym today. It's sooooo small. As if a newborn (but it wasn't that new, as its eyes were open, and it was walking. Infant kittens don't open their eyes till a few days after they're born). It was near that sugarcane juice stall on the road. That guy told me the kitten had been there for sometime. They shoo it, it comes back. Looks like its mother abandoned it. I paused and thought let's bring it home, but didn't, thinking what if its mother comes back. I hope it has found its mother. If it hasn't, I hope he survives the night and crosses my path tomorrow. I'll bring it home! I've thought of a name too, if it's a she. Mini!

3. My aunt (chachi ji) has brought suchhhhh succulent, delicious mangos home. Godddd... The best mangos I remember tasting. Its better than maaza. Way better. Awesome. The two occasions that I brought mangos, they turned out so so.

4. Had to replace my computer's mouse. And thank God for that! Now the cursor is cruising along on the monitor like a dream.

5. Finally, the road outside our house is being relaid. It was all dug up a year ago for laying new pipelines. Since then, it was a driver's worst nightmare. Should be ready by today evening. Thank God!

6. Yes! Yes! Yes! Brrrrrrockkkkk Lesssnarrrrrrr is back on WWE programming! This man makes this thing watchable.

7. If your childhood friend asks to borrow money, assuring you he'll return next month, he won't. Don't lend. Like Shakespeare said, "Neither a borrower nor a lender be."

8. I almost collided with a bike today. My fault. Was moving forward but looking back, drooling over those lovely dogs with bushy tails.

9. Gosh! I almost stepped on dog poop today! Missed it by a couple of inches. Thank God, for little mercies.

10. At 73-74 kg, 13" biceps, I think this is the heaviest I've ever been. But there's much more to do. I have much fat to burn.

11. Alas, have to quit gym as they increased fees from 1k a month to 1.5k a month. Will do bodyweight exercises at home. And get rich quickly so that I can build a gym at home. Not a great feeling to quit gymming. I was just beginning to peak.

12. Sad, how a former friend I was quite close with is not a friend anymore. It's amazing, how people outgrow supposed strong friendships. I wish none of my friends had outgrown our friendship. But that's how the cookie crumbles.

13. Rains are wonderful. The way sky goes dark and then it opens up... Amazing.

14. A recent pic from our garden.

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