July 31, 2015

Pointless points for July

1. At 75 kg, this is perhaps the heaviest I've been.

2. I can make perfect rotis now. Can knead the dough and make round, fooli hui roti. I know, I'm awesome B-)

3. Man, I bought more than 16 kg vegetables yesterday, and much of it is rotting today. All of it looked fine yesterday. How could it rot overnight!

4. Ah, Dreamweaver, why do you have to crash every two minutes! I was on to making a fantastic website for my band. WordPress downright sucks. Until I learn more about how to work with it. The restriction of a user having to work according its themes, instead of having its themes work according to the user, is a big boo-boo.

5. A note from the Universe:
Don't be angry.
Not ever.
It's not worth it. It's not necessary. There is always a higher road.

6. Lending money to friends is one of the worst mistakes you can commit. Either forget the friend or forget the money. 'Friends' are so humble and polite when borrowing and so dismissive and arrogant when it comes to returning.

7. So, a former friend asked me why I'm not on Instagram. I explained to her that a photo-sharing app is redundant, what with Facebook around. And then I downloaded Instagram and started an account. I wish restoring warmth and friendship was as easy.

8. When both the parties have erred in a dispute, the one to apologise ends up looking like the sole wrongdoer.

9. Finally, watched Edward Scissorhands, having caught only a minute or two of it earlier. Had no clue the story would take a gloomy turn after establishing all the characters. I don't like feeling sorry for people I like. Haha... Yeah, I loved Johnny Depp's sweet and simple Edward.
Trivia: I had named a girl in my office Edward Scissorhands, for she had lonnnnng nails. When she'd type on the keyboard, her fingers, those really long nails, looked just like Edward Scissorhands' blades. Hehe...

10. Don't know how an adware got installed into my computer. Wasted more than an hour of my precious time.

11. It's so embarrassing when you end up adding a bit too much salt to a dish while cooking for others. After extra salt yesterday, added extra asfoetida today.

12. Know what's more difficult than getting the balance of salt and spices right? Opening a mixer jar's lid.

13. Mom is out of town, dad is out for routine work and I've the house to myself. It means freedom to turn up the volume, pump up the base and enjoy loud music. \m/

14. Cooking record: Low salt, extra chilli powder, extra salt, extra asfoetida (heeng), extra vinegar, extra salt, extra salt, a bit extra oil. Phew...

15. I always look forward to this girl's WhatsApp status. She's got a natural sense of humour.

16. I just got a shortest possible missed call from Macedonia, of all places. (A few days later: Another missed call from Macedonia. Saw reports on Facebook that Vodafone users in J&K are getting missed calls from such numbers. When they call back, Rs50 are deducted from their balance.)

17. Are non-residents of Andaman & Nicobar Islands allowed to buy land there? I'd love to buy a huuuuuge plot there near the sea and build a villa. I think real estate should be pocket-friendly there. Cheap land plus fertile soil, man I can settle at that place!

18. Ah... Rowdy Roddy Piper passed away. First Dusty Rhodes, then Hot Rod. Bad month for wrestling fans. RIP, Rowdy!

19. I'm totally loving watching Splitsvilla 8. Started watching it only to see Sunny Leone (she's cute, charming, sweet, gentle, kind and intelligent) but I've warmed up to some of the contestants. Some are A-grade idiots, but that's why they were chosen for the show. 

20. There's one friend who gets mighty annoyed when her calls to me go unanswered. If I miss her call, I always have to prepare myself for comeuppance. Therefore, I've assigned her a distinct ringtone (she's the only one in my contact list with a special ringtone) to let me know it's her. The ringtone is The Undertaker's entrance theme. Hahahaha... Gong! And The Dead Man arrives. Perfect setting. If I miss The Dead Man's call, I'm gone. Just perfect. I'm so cool! I love myself! Hahaha... B-)

21. Read the FB status and then look at the last comment. Was your first interpretation of it the same as mine?

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