August 31, 2015

Pointless points for August (only 4)

1. Just started watching "Aap ka Suroor" on YouTube. Himesh Reshammiya's debut movie as an actor. Before any movie actually begins, you see a short prayer and flashy montage of the production firms. This movie has a prayer in Himesh's voice. By God, had I gone to the theatre and this thing had played, I'd have run away then and there. This sounds uber annoying!

2. I'm feeling so heavenly fresh today... The weather has been awesome-cool the entire day too. I don't feel like going to gym and getting sweaty. Confused :-/ (Update: I went and worked my ass off anyway.)

3. I've become sooo forgetful! I switch on comp to top up my mobile number, but turn it off after checking mail and Facebook. I head towards kitchen to have a fruit, but forget upon reaching kitchen why I'm there, so I drink water and come back. As of right now, there's something important I had to do on internet, I just can't recall what that is :-/

4. Delhi girls are absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous. Hot, classy, elegant. Whoa! Boy! In this department, Bangalore stands nowhere in front of Delhi. Be it Delhi Metro or a mall or DU campus, there's beauty all around. AMAZING! God!
Ok I need to stop raving.

As I've written in last month's (or the month before's entry), I've started an Instagram account. I've been posting a lot of pics there. Nothing cool or classy, just anything that draws my attention goes to my Instagram account. As I'm getting to express myself (even if to nobody or to complete strangers who notice my pics owing to relevant hashtags), catharsis means I've less to write down here.

Also, I was in Chhattisgarh for two months starting mid-August, so didn't have the time and space to note down anything. That's why there's no entry for September and October. And then I thought heck, let me post on Facebook anyway. This monthly series of would-be Facebook status stands suspended as of now. (As if anybody cares to know what's on my mind.)

Click here to go to my Instagram page, where I post pics of stray dogs and bright insects. Almost anything that catches my attention. I want to be more regular at blogging. I have a lot of interesting blog posts idea but I haven't written them. Like my thoughts on my short but eventful journalism career, my thoughts on leaving Bangalore, my struggle as a musician and a host of other things. I should stop wasting time on WhatsApp. Yeah, not having WhatsApp was a smart decision. Whenever anyone would ask me why I was not on WhatsApp despite having a smartphone, I'd tell them it'd lead to wastage of time. How right I was!

Yeah, it wasn't even me who installed this free messaging app on my phone. But yeah, the one who did is responsible for a lot of other da... Yeah, no point looking at the past. It's high time I look ahead and make a great future for myself.

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