December 25, 2008

Whoa! I turned 21..!?!!

Ugh... I'm sorry, I'm bit confused. 21 years. That is two decades plus one year. Can't believe it, I've spent this much time on this planet earth! Twenty-one years is not a joke! Growing old is alrite, but when will I grow up??

Three years ago, I legally became an adult as per constitution of India. Wait a minute! How can I be an adult, if I haven't watched any adult film yet! And today, as I turn 21, the constitution holds that I'm allowed to marry now. But wait, I haven't had a sinnnnngle girlfriend till now in my life! Just years are passing by, I'm getting older, but when will I grow up!!

I strictly disapprove smoking and drinking. I don't even take carbonated drinks, only milk or fruit juices. I just hate going to disco, had been there just once when an idiot friend forced. I don't use abusive language... How boring, one may say. I'm still a kiddo, yaar!

I've always believed that I haven't really grown past the age of 15-16. I guess I'm a bit immature, and highly vulnerable emotionally, my world still revolves around my friends. Hmm... Seems like I'm still in the high-school mode.

Anyways, when clean-shaven, I really look like a teenager; anyways, I don't even look like I'm, ugh, 21 now! Man, it took me so long to come to terms with the fact (after my 20th b'day, last year) that I'm no more a teenager. Now how do I tell myself that now I'm a youth!! Damn, age is just a number, I'm just a 21-years-old teenager.

Yeah, BA had also said (sang, actually) that age's just a number, it's how you feel inside (18 till I die, anyone?). Yeah, I love to be 15-year-old. Or 16 at most. Not more than that. Ew! I was in love for the first time when I was 17. Oh, that first love...

Ugh! It's still hard to believe that I'm 21 now — a young, responsible, person. Let's see what I can do about it.

How I Celebrated My 21st Birthday 
Will start from the scratch. The series of birthday wishes started on 24th morning at around 7:15 am, when guess who called! Pooja called!! My angel, my baby, my darling sister Pooja called me from Sydney :-) Wow! I heard her voice after almost six months. Awww... Love you, sis...

Oh sorry. Yeah, after Pooja, I started getting advance wishes on 24th night by 9pm itself! Priyam (second cousin) thought she was first to wish me, when actually she was fourth. Shivangi (friend from IMS) thought she's first, and she was eighth. Sorry, I understand this much statistics ain't required. Got calls and messages from all friends. Some idiots forgot, or didn't care to wish, I'll deal with y'all!

Had mooli ke paranthe for breakfast. As I was getting late, I just ate two rolled paranthe in hurry, before gulping my jug of milk. Then I headed for Mussoorie, with bhai. Not to just chill around, but to attend the reception at Dr. Mulkraj Dass's house, where we go for treatment. I go for treatment of heartache ;-)  Had nice lunch there, though I wish I had more of that wonderful cake!! And Sailee, I ate one Dairy Milk there! Yeah, I was back at home by around 4pm, then ate a samosa (tasty!) that chachaji had brought. Then I ordered for a Domino's Cheese Burst Pizza. Damn! I've just eaten it, but my mouth started watering the moment I wrote about it. Ok, come back, you hupsy. We ate that (mouth watering again... HELP!) pizza. By "we," I mean my two cousins, my sister and I. That one pizza was like the blood that we sharks had smelled. So immediately after eating our first pizza, we ordered two more pizzas! Oh yeah! The moment our second order arrived, we wolfed it down, after fighting amongst ourselves for larger pieces.

Yeah, everyone cuts cake, I cut pizzas this birthday! Ok, when chachaji and bhai log went, I changed into sleepwear. Then Aman (a great buddy from college) called and asked to meet up, so that we can do awaragardi like we used to do earlier. Went on bike with him, looked at girls (all were in pairs, were those boys their brothers?), ate momo. EEEHH! I didn't know it was non-veg momo that he had ordered!! It wasn't good, anyway. Then we went to Ellora's and I ate a pine-apple pastry and he ate, what is it called, dart/tard? Oh yeah, I just luvvvvvd the pastry. I love pine-apple pastry anyway. Why my mouth is salivating like anything as I mention it? Yup, then we went to McDonald's. Aman was hesitating to go there first, 'cuz his beard was all messed up today (a different tale, won't tell you) and he didn't want to look ugly in front of all those beautiful girls we anticipated to be at McD. We ordered a Happy Meal (and he took the toy), but there was no beautiful girl over there :-( Then I dropped him at where he's staying right now and said goodbye after chatting a bit about our response to heartaches (every lover has had it, seems).

Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you, I liked the pastry so much that I had the guy pack four more for me. Mithu (my sister) had said she wanted to eat pastry, and anyways I also wanted to eat one more, so got four pastries packed. After dropping Aman and coming to home, I ate one more pastry!

And in total I also got Rs. 1,200 as "blessings." God, keep showering your blessings on me like this! 

What Did I Do Differently This Birthday
Well, I spent money. Hello, "I" spent money that was mine. You know the significance of this only if you're my close friend. I never spend a penny, but today I paid for that Cheese Burst Pizza (yummy), and pastries and McDonald's. Had it been last year, I'd have asked mamma to give money for pizza, after ordering it on phone, but today I chose to pay from what I had with me. I did that, and my heart didn't break when I parted with that green stuff! Likewise, when I went to see Aman, I took that Rs. 500 note with me, 'cuz I wanted to spend casually. And I did buy pastry, McD stuff with "my" money. Earlier my heart would've breaked on the very thought of it.

Another thing I did differently was that I didn't turn off my mobile phone today. On my earlier birthdays, I used to switch off my phone at midnight, or for whole day, as I didn't want to be wished. To be honest, I've never looked forward to my birthday, because of rather unpleasant past birthdays. My orkut tagline said, "Happy Birthday To Me".

I had stopped celebrating my birthday very early in childhood (after class 2) as I was sick of getting only sketchpens and those with-best-wishes envelopes, which never had anything more than Rs. 21. Why couldn't people think of anything other than sketchpens, someone tell me, for God's sake! I get crazy when I think about it...

Ok, if you've read my other posts as well then you know that when I get into flair I can just go and on, and I suppose this is what's happening even now. So to not to waste any more time, I must end this post here and say Happy Birthday To Me once again :-)

And thanks to all the friends who wished me. Thaaaankkssssa lot :-) I wish the heartache-friend had wished too. It's alrite, I forgive you. There's always a next time ;-)

“I'm lost in the middle of my birthday. I want my friends, their touch with the earth's last love. I will take life's final offering, I will take the last human blessing.” — Rabindranath Tagore

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