January 15, 2009

New Year Resolutions

Yes friends, Hemant Gairola with a New Year Resolution list! No talk about how and why I have changed. Let's get to work (ooh, sounds impressive!):

1. Don't pro... WAIT!!
Yup, resolution no. 1 is say only positive words. If there is something you don't want, don't think, speak or write about it. Instead, think, speak and write only about the opposite of what you don't want. Such as "I don't want to be alone" should be written as I always want to be with friends, having a hell lot of fun. ALWAYS SPEAK IN AFFIRMATIVE, AND AFFIRMATIVE ONLY.

First things first. Stephen Covey also says this. Was it the first or second habit? Nonetheless, it's very important. What can be done today, should be done today. Life is so much easy and relaxed when you're with, or ahead of schedule. Now onwards, finish the assignments that you get on the very same day.

Btw, what's the bloody excuse that you're putting up your resolution list after a fortnight of new year's eve? Umm... Let it go, it's a matter of past. Let's move on, buddy!! ;-)

(It's amazing, how I'm tempted to use negative words, as I think only they would effectively convey the meaning of what I'm trying to say. Self-restraint is hard, but not for someone with iron will.)

Hemant Gairola, let's take only a couple of things. I want to be a rockstar, a supermodel, gold medal winner, top-class orator and so many things at the same time. The best way to be all is to pick one thing at a time. Let me set my priority then. As long as I'm in IIJNM, I will work on my written and spoken English.
  • Improve your langauge: I want to have flawless English. My every writing should be a case study. Every word I speak should be precise and apt.
  • Give your heart to your master's project and monthly assignments.
  • Excel in your electives. Give your best to all the assignments you like. Try even more on assignments that bore you.
  • Study like hell about the Law of Attraction.
So Hemant Gairola, you have decided to grow up, eh, after your 21st birthday! Better late than never, buddy. There are somethings about you that you should never change, even if they are very stupid; you can't stop being yourself! Yeah, get over your weaknesses. Hmmm... I think you've already made major improvement in this area. Keep working on your strengths, man. You're truly a gem.

No need to rush... Despite what you think, people are not in a hurry and would like it better when you speak slowly. You have wonderful ideas, speak slowly and clearly, let the world know!

Hehe... Do I need explain that? I know I'm going to be happy no matter what. Life is going great guns. So far 2009 has been an amazing year, and I hope it continues to be so. I'm expecting even more pleasant surprises, beyond my wildest dreams. Woo!! Universe, drive me nuts, baby. Make me materialise at lightening speed...

Yeah, this one is same as the previous point. How can you be ever happy without spreading it around? What you give, comes back hundredfold to you. So to get happiness, give happiness.

Hmm... Pretty practical list. Wow, I'm really maturing! Good. Now that I've written my resolutions, let me also put up my wish list. What I've written above, is telling Universe what I'm going to do. Below, I'm going to write what I want Universe to do for me. After my resolution list, it's time for my wish list. Wooo!! I love creating wish-list.

Just quoting Joe Vitale from The Secret to make my wishes come true even faster: "You can have, do or be whatever you want." Now paraphrasing him: The whole Universe is like your catalogue. It's crazy, you can say I want to have this thing, I want to have that experience, I want to have that kind of person in my life. It's like you just place your order and sit and relax till it comes.

Wow! Now my wish-list:

What a feeling love is. Life is great, make it greater. I want my friends to love me more, I want to love them more. I want more friends to love more. Let the wounded relations be healed and be stronger than ever. Let there be trust and love between me and all my friends.
Affirmation: I'm a wonderful person who certainly deserves love and trust of all the wonderful people whom I consider friend. All my friends love me, now everything's alrite :-)

Make me successful in everything I do. Make sure I attempt only the right thing.
Affirmation: I'm doing only the right thing. Everything I do, I do it with perfection. I'm a winner. (Woooo!!)

Show me the money. Show me the money. Show me the mmmoonnneeeeyyyyyyyy...!! Wooohoooo!!
Affirmation: I'm open to money-making ideas. I have great ideas entering my mind. There is more money being printed for me right now. Oh yeah!

Importance of peace in life can't be over-emphasized. I wish to become a master at meditation and materialising. Let peace be there in my life so that I can spread it in others' lives as well.
Affirmation: My mind is at peace. God cares for me. I'm at peace.

Hmmm... Love, success, money, peace... What else could one want! I just asked, anyways I know I'm on the right track. Oh yeah! One more thing, make me more mature, yeah!

Feels great na, Hemant Gairola, when there's no anxiety, no desperation, cuz you know you'll get what you've asked for!

“Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self-assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle.” — Bill Vaughan

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