February 01, 2009

A beautiful evening

Whoa! It's such a beautiful evening! What's so special about today's evening? Haha, the first point just came to mind — PEACE.... Tranquility... The usual guys in the lab who make a lot of noise are all out. Only three people in the lab now, all working silently... Ah, I feel so relaxed. And outside it's the light blue sky, with that orangish fireball sinking down beyond the horizon. The orange rays on our college building are looking really fantastic today! (I wish they had emoticons in Blogger.com)

Nice, cool breeze is blowing outside... Everything seems so, so... unh peaceful :-) Yeah... Wow.... It's so nice.

Well, objectively, this evening is no different from other evenings. Every day it's kinda same. And at this time there are very few people in the lab. Dunno what's so special then today, I'm liking it, and that's what matters.

Hmm... You know what? I know what's special. "I" am relaxed. There is no worry, no hurry, I'm all peaceful and relaxed, may be that's why I'm able to appreciate the beauty around me — cool breeze right now and starry sky every night. Life is great, and easy! Oh, I love life.

Ok, ok.... Mr. philosopher (you know, I really want to study philosophy and spirituality), get to work and do something worthwhile in life. Get to work!

"Happiness is a state of mind." - Abraham Lincoln

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