February 08, 2009

The power of "OM"

Om... I had read that the word "Om" has tremendous power, had read quite a bit. But like my mom had said once, to read and enjoy is one thing, and to feel and experience is another. Today, I felt and experienced.

For those who don't know me, right now I'm doing my post-graduation in journalism. Here, as a part of our course, we have to produce a master's thesis, a research project. I chose the topic "alternative techniques of healing". Among other techniques, I'm including Sanatan Kriya (a modern-day yogic technique). In Bangalore, Dhyaan Foundation is involved in promoting Sanatan Kriya. Today, I went to their centre and practiced the abovesaid yoga technique with them.

It includes practicing ujjai breathing, while simultaneously rotating different joints of body. After all this, it was the time for the audio CD to be played; it was Yogi Ashwini's (he has devised the kriya) directions on what to do and how to do and all. I was lying on my back all this while, in shavasan, as it is called. Towards the end, he said "om" several times.

I don't know how to describe it, it was an experience. You could say, every time he said "om", I felt some energising vibrations (or force or power) entering/passing through my body. And it was very strong vibration. The feeling was, how do I put it, energising, and very refreshing.

And while I was lying down on shavasan, my fingers moved by themselves to form a mudra. Later on, Ruchi, who was conducting the session, said when one is in the state of meditation, the fingers automatically form the mudra suited best to one's body. She told the practitioners that each of the possible different mudras aims at restoring one of the basic five elements of body — earth, fire, water, wind and ether. So whatever our body lacks, it tries to replenish that during Sanatan Kriya by getting into the mudra that facilitates reception of that element.

It was an amazing experience, letting go the control of your body, and observing these never-had-before experiences. Ruchi said that if one is regular at Sanatan Kriya then s/he could notice change in him/herself within as short as two-three days. "Really?" I asked. "Didn't you feel those strong vibrations in the first day itself!" she replied.

Sanatan Kriya is based on guru-shishya parampara. It says, you cannot achieve gyan by reading books or watching CDs, you have to be under guidance of a guru. Yogi Ashwini, who has devised the kriya is guru of all the practitioners, and he leads them further onto the path of spiritual journey. He promises to take your responsibility, all you have to do is to be regular on your part in doing the kriya.

Today was my first day, and the starting day, as I'd say. I'm going to be regular at it, oh yeah. I've also given my name when Ruchi asked for volunteers for training, who could then conduct workshops. Nice start, a good one, I'd say.

A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step, as they say. I've just taken that first step, and hope to cover those thousand miles, and beyond, as efficiently and quickly as possible. I hope to be able to serve mankind in whichever way I could, and also be able to realise my full potential.


pratik said...

i didnt know that the word " shanti" was so powerful . i used to see my father saying "om" and "shanti" ( in a very prolonged type of tone ) several times after he had finished his puja . i couldnt understand that it gave out peaceful and refreshing vibes !! gonna try it today . keep up the good work Hemant !
cheers !!

Living itself is a lifetime experience said...

Hey the piece has excellent explanation of the word and the meaning attached to it...

Well done Good Job!