February 07, 2009

Tranquil, silver moonlight

I wish electricity hadn't come back past night. Still two days shy of achieving its full glory and shape, the moon looked darn handsome nonetheless. Oh yeah!

It was 8 pm, and all of a sudden we had power cut. That means hostel lights gone, street lights gone... Basically all lights gone. Usually it irritates, the power cut, but not yesterday. Oh my, oh my, oh my! The whole world looked sooo beautiful last night... Our hostel building, under nothing but the moon light. Cool, soothing, calm moonlight. A soothing, silver ball of light in a dark night. Whoa! It looked terrific, I'm telling you, terrific! What a pleasant atmosphere it was man!

And it's amazing, the same place that sometimes becomes so unbearable that you don't feel like staying there, was looking so serene and peaceful that you didn't feel like going from there! Everything looked sooo peaceful, so quiet, so pleasant, and just so so caaaaalm.

The world looked so beautiful under the silver shower of the moonlight! That is called nature at its best. I was just standing under the heavenly sky, soaking the moonlight, singing romantic song (oh yeah), enjoying the serenity and tranquility... And then electricity came back, street lights lit up, hostel lights lit up, every damn light lit up. And all the beauty was gone. It just made me think, as always, that how in his pursuit of comfort, man is losing out on enjoying the best of the nature.

Oh boy! I'm going to live in a large farmhouse, and there I'd have control upon all the lights for as far as I could see. When not required, I'd turn them off and gaze at the magnificent, star-studded universe, which is shaping my destiny with me.


Living itself is a lifetime experience said...

I remember this e evening in our hostel... indeed very apt description of the evening...

Alas! it was subject to live for short time... Nonetheless the whole bunch of us enjoyed and by writing about it your have engraved this one experience of our college life forever...

Writing Good Stuff yar!

Ekam said...

I was visualizing the whole scene while reading your blog. It's beautiful.I have read all your posts. Enjoyed reading your blog:)