February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day or...

It's Valentine's Day! Just 40 minutes past midnight and a beautiful girl is giving me missed calls; she wants me to call her. In morning, another girl calls me and wishes "Happy Valentine's Day" very enthusiastically. Ten minutes later, my cell buzzes. A very very very charming and sweet girl has wished me happy Valentine's Day.

Ok, it's nice, I love you all. Thank you. But... I mean, that's it! Only my sisters wished me Happy V-Day! First girl who gave me missed call is a second cousin, second girl who called is my sister (real sister, in your terminology) and the third one was next-door neighbour in Balco.

So, was it Valentine's Day or rakshabandhan or bhaidooj, huh! I mean, nothing against you sisters who called, but what's wrong with other girls in the world! Don't they know I'm single and available! I mean, just sisters wishing me on V-day... What a mockery of Valentine's Day! What a tragedy!

Never mind HG, it's alrite. Like your sis messaged you, never mind if you're single yet; tell others that God is busy writing the best love story. Nice message, dear! Thank you :-)

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